'When will black lives matter again?'

David Lammy demands answers on deportation flights

Born: 19 July 1972



Lammy Review: racial bias throughout justice system

Lammy sets out three key principles, the most important of which is that there must be robust systems in place to ensure fair treatment in every part of the CJS. He recommends transparency thoughout the system, bringing decision-making out into the open and exposing it to scrutiny.

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David’s Story

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"When will we act?" David Lammy has his say on the Black Lives Matter movement | LBC

David Lammy addressed the anti-racism movement and wondered how we can sustain the energy of the cause seen during lockdown. David Lammy began by pointing at the scale of events seen in America early in lockdown which "ricocheted across the world," and led to "a very real debate, conversation in this country" over race relations, where we would usually brush off the social struggles in America. David welcomed the activists that were addressing institutional racism in the UK during lockdown and saw it important to shine a light on the issue here. "What matters to me is how do we sustain the energy of the black lives movement, how do we keep the conversation going and more importantly, how do we this time get some action, how do we really get the change." David told listeners that he was fed up with having to hide behind enquiries and reports investigating racism in the UK and told listeners "we've got so many enquiries...when will we act?" #DavidLammy #BlackLivesMatter #LBC LBC is the home of live debate around news and current affairs. We let you join the conversation and hold politicians to account.

Youtube published: 28 July 2020

Will Black Lives Matter successfully defund the British police? | David Lammy interview

David Lammy is the shadow justice secretary and Labour MP for Tottenham. He spoke to Oli Dugmore about the Black Lives Matter protests, if rioting is ever politically legitimate, and the differences between criminal justice in the UK and US.

Youtube published: 2 June 2020