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Author: LW Bristol (Age 16)

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Who are we?


WE ARE YOU, The black citizen with a long black history of discrimination and have had enough, we are you the black man who receives harsher sentences and disproportionately incarcerated compared to white counterparts, and we are you the youth who is targeted by the police. stopped, searched, handcuffed simply for being black innocent without any other suspicion, we are you the young black girl who is overlooked all but invisible, we are you the black women who is seen as loud and or aggressive just for being you, we are you the black child, the student who is disproportionately excluded from school, we are you at the end of racist abuse, we are you who has suffered racial discrimination all your life, we are you the white British citizen, man women and child who believe black lives matter, we are you who will no longer remain silent or be silenced. We are you!


We are you who wants justice for black people and who wants to eradicate racism from Britain forever. We are you.


We are ALL OF YOU that abhor racism


We stand with you who give racism no home in Britain. We stand with you who stand with the black lives movement and we can do this without unrealistic change of a radical political agenda that has no legs to run. We seek equality; social and racial justice that will need to come through a democratic vote, but more that all it will come from the will of the people when we have citizen of Britain come together and reject white privilege, white supremacy and domination for equality and justice for all people.

Racism deserves no shelter in Britain

We operate as a broad inclusive non-partisan, unifying arm for racial and social justice of the Black Lives Movement in Britain within the UK. 


Your political position is yours to own, an individual choice. We don't and can't talk for all people and all views, but we stand and will fight for racial and social justice for black people who are discriminated based on the colour for skin, and hope you will too.


United we stand with the British public who abhor racism, shoulder to shoulder, side by side with all people, allies of all colours and ethnicities unified in fighting to end racism by supporting the black lives matter cause breaking down the walls of silence that uphold and sustains racism in Britain. Our fundamental goal is racial and social justice for black citizens that has and is denied on par with fair justice received and extended to white citizens, these injustices for black people that been going on for far too long and within all British systems AND we will not, must not stop until all people are treated equally.

Currently we are working hard behind the scenes in creating many exciting new working partnerships, particularly now that we have attention of the world, humanity. Attention of British citizens and businesses alike, of course all this takes time to plan, coordinate and evolve, seeking and accepting partnerships. Donations, funding is part of the support we need so that we may continue to work to achieve the human right to be treated fair and equality to other citizens. 

Work in progress


We’re a work in progress and our focus right now is breaking down the wall of silence that uphold and sustain racism in Britain and so crucially important is to educate the young and are working to grow partnerships with schools, colleges who are already making contact seeking to educate children and businesses are beginning to come through and make contact to educate their own staff on racism.


Online we provide a platform for all ethnicities to have a voice from children to adults who are often exhausted and traumatised suffering from racism day in day out and just want to exhale and talk out their plight, they turn and talk to us in a confidential manner.


We provide a voice for all people to support the cause, black, white, brown people. British citizen who are white also contact us daily, who are committed to change and wishing no longer to remain silence and to add to the mix unfortunately you’ll not be surprised to know we receive racist and bigoted hate mail, that tells us we still have lots to do and racism is alive and kicking in Britain in a society where white supremacist are determined to hang on in there to incite ill feelings and do harm chipping away at the solidarity we are currently experiencing and receiving from the white British public. Racists and within systems aim and endeavour is to derail support with negative narrative and points to a political agenda that is not ours, does not belong to us nor do we support.


There’s lots more beside we are doing and planning ahead to help eradicate racism from Britain, stick with us.



If you feel black lives matter and is a cause worthy of support, we would appreciate you standing shoulder to shoulder with us to break down racism in Britain, in it for the long haul. Black Lives Matter.

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