By Shola Adewale Sandy

Shola Adewale-Sandy

Shola works in a secondary school as a Cover Supervisor and has to deal with a formal grievance with the white Head Teacher, when she realised she was not being treated equally as her white counterpart.

If you felt for the characters on the book, ‘Hidden figures’ written by Margot Lee Shetterly or you enjoyed the TV series, ‘Small Axe’ by Steve McQueen or maybe been one to purchase the now infamous book, ‘Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race’, then you will be surely captivated with the real life character Shola and her journey in her pursuit of happiness.


Author: Shola Adewale Sandy

I can explain | Icebyshola


I Can Explain

ICE I Can Explain written by Shola Adewale Sandy

The raw and chilly truth, of what actually goes on in secondary schools to some unfortunate staff of colour, having to deal with those in power.

This shocking page turner is a non-fiction novel of Shola’s memoirs reflecting on her time working in secondary schools in ‘Inner London’ over the past fifteen years. Firstly, in the role as Cover Supervisor and presently as a Mathematics teacher. The book is called ICE, which stands for ‘I Can Explain’. This is the first book of the trilogy and it was published on the 26thof October 2022.

Here are some quotes from readers of ICE.

“It’s awful to hear about how much injustice and discrimination you have suffered. It really makes me disgusted to know that this really does happen, especially in modern-day Britain!”

“Wow, what a way to treat your staff, and in some ways, more shocked at the way it was handled afterwards!”

When we talk about levelling up and needing equality in the education system, the first thought is about the children, but what about the staff of colour who surround those children, especially in those ‘inner city’ schools?

After the death of George Floyd, Shola was inspired to do some writing to express her frustration at the system. She wanted to get her story out there about her experiences getting to this point in her career. The racism and the systematic discrimination she experienced and witnessed over the years, contrary to the recent controversial government report.

Instead of focusing on statues and street names, please join Shola in focusing on real change in the educational and justice system, for normal people like herself and her colleagues!

Below links made available to where you can get your hands on a copy of Shola's paperback and or a kindle version of ICE •••► Here to show your support for change.

WATERSTONE - Can I Explain: Challenging the power and abuse of a headteacher and their allies.



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written by Shola Adewale Sandy
Shola Adewale-Sandy

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