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20th September, 2023 - tonies® the leading audio platform for kids – are delighted to announce the launch of a new Cultural

Tales: Black British Tales Tonie, ahead of Black History Month this
October. Little listeners are taken on an educational adventure with the inquisitive eight-yearold CJ and her family as they discuss Black British history, culture and traditions, in a truly celebratory Tonie which explores the valuable contribution Black British communities have made to the UK. CJ’s character is played by Taiya Samuel, who stars in CBeebies’ hit TV show, JoJo & Gran Gran. 

Taiya was named best young performer at the most recent BAFTAs for
Children & Young People.

Black Lives Matter Licensing  Team: 

We embarked on a journey to the important work to implement change. A truly unique collaboration from the design of CJ’s figurine, right through to content strategy including structuring the narrative – to ensure the final project is truly authentic from top to bottom.

Black British Tales (


Tonies® CJ Black Lives Matter Licensing 2023

The Black Lives Matter Licensing team comments: “This project has been of absolute importance to work on, and we have enjoyed working closely with the tonies®  team – from the design of CJ’s figurine, right through to content strategy – to ensure the final project is truly authentic from top to bottom. The dedication of the team has been impeccable. They were able to dive through a very deep journey of Black British culture and history that is inclusive of all sides of the Black British community, and to have a full understanding of all the rich and diverse cultures – comprising of a majority African and Caribbean descent, diasporas and mixed race heritage – that make the Black British community such an asset to British society.

“It is important to us that tonies® little listeners can start having these stories from a young age in an open, authentic, and factual form, solidifying what it really means to be Black British. We didn’t want to shy away from the issues that black children face and wanted to ensure that the hard, historical facts are not lost, while also celebrating the achievements of our Black British communities, including homegrown Black British music and successes in sports. Having black writers and a black cast to help us deliver the content in this strategic format has been tremendously profound too. We hope our young audience will enjoy this Tonie and parents can continue to have these meaningful conversations and educational talks at home.”

Read more - Press Release

Black British Tales


CJ is a London-Born Black British on a fact-finding mission to learn all about her family’s experiences living in Britain. CJ’s paternal grandmother is of African descent and came to the UK from Zimbabwe to train as a nurse, while her mother’s family originally arrived from Trinidad as part of the Windrush generation to help rebuild post war Britain. The narration takes the form of conversations with family and friends, covering a wide spectrum of  topics including the history of Black people, African dispora in Britain – from Stone Age, Roman, Tudor and Windrush ages – to discussions around the food, clothing and culture from CJ’s dual Caribbean and African heritage, Notting Hill Carnival, and the important role Black British people have played in our music and sporting industries.

CJ loves learning and you're invited to join her and her family to explore some amazing Black British Tales, stories you may not have heard yet. Learn about the Stone Age, Roman and Black Tudor time. Find out how the African Diaspora made an impact and difference to British history, to Mary Seacole who nursed Soldiers, and many more who played and amazing and major role in Britain as they do today. Doctors, Nurses, Scientist, Inventors, Artists and loads more besides...

Find out about the contibution of our Black British generation living today may have been influenced by heroes past and present.

Age 5+


incl. VAT

Age 5+

List of titles:

01 - Introduction

02 - Meet My Family

03 - Windrush

04 - Notting Hill Carnival

05 - Music

06 - African/Caribbean Culture, Difference & Respect

07 - Sporting Greats

08 - The Future

Running Time

approx. 80 minutes

Age Recommendation

Age 5+

...Working closely with Black Lives Matter Licensing, we hope to have created a Tonie that explores the topic of race and diversity in a positive and sensitive manner, while honouring the huge contribution the many generations of Black British communities have made to our society.”

Read more - Press Release

Black British Tales (


Brand Licensing Europe 2022 announces Culture & Unity catwalk show in support of Black Lives Matter Movement



Sep 2, 2022

Designers, collections and models will drop fresh from the prestigious London Fashion Week runway to appear at BLE.

Brand Licensing Europe’s Culture & Unity catwalk show will be an unmissable showstopper during the event’s Sustainability, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Day on Thursday 22 September, with Black and LGBT+ designers, fashion, models and crew – some coming to BLE fresh from the London Fashion Week runway. Black diversity, equality and inclusion sits at the heart of this 15-minute catwalk, taking place at 10:00 am on the final day of BLE 2022, which will feature:

  • Four unique runway shows from Black Lives Matter and three incredible designers from the Black community
  • Cardi B & Idris Elba’s DJ, DJ Longers, playing Afro beat and hip hop music to set the scene,
  • LGBT+ dance performance
  • African tribal drumming to provide a rousing finale of this black culture catwalk.
    Curated in partnership with Black Lives Matter Licensing and founder Saphia Maxamed, the catwalk will bring the Fashion UK Black Lives Matter collection to life.

This runway will welcome Black community models from all sides of Black culture: some high fashion Dolce & Gabbana models, some Black British music artists and others high calibre influencers within the Black community. This show will highlight real people and what Black community really looks like.


Saphia Maxamed, Founder, Black Lives Matter Licensing: “Set as a closer to BLE’s three- day fashion theme, The Culture & Unity runway show is the one to watch. For the first time, the licensing industry will be introduced to an effective way of delivering DE&I strategy correctly, and by that, I mean one that is authentic and not a tick box exercise or a number's game.

“The BLE team has truly given back to Black community, more importantly have really taken notice of our idea to support and include the LGBT+ community in our show unity message by giving us a stage, a voice, and hiring talent from these communities to create the Culture & Unity catwalk experience, and that is exactly what the Black Lives Matter movement is all about: making a real, tangible difference to Black lives.


Brand Licensing Program

Black Lives Matter Movement Ltd Est.2020™️

Major step for Black Lives Matter Movement as trademark is granted

In a major step forward, the Black Lives Matter Movement has been granted a trademark, with founder Saphia Maxamed saying that it is a “huge development”.

The trademark covers areas including clothing, fragrances, statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, as well as retail services relating to fragrancing preparations.

“As licensing professionals, we know how important a trademark is; it is the very existence of our industry,” commented Saphia Maxamed, md of London Entertainment Inc and founder of BLM Licensing. “This is a huge development for our movement. It gives us credibility and legitimacy of our licensing programme."

By Samantha Loveday
May 10, 2022

Black Lives Matter Movement

EST . 2020 ®


Owners: Black Lives Matter Movement Ltd 


Registered Trademark No. UK00003751705

® R circled symbol stands for registered trademark.

The owner of a registered trademark may commence legal proceedings for trademark infringement to prevent unauthorised use of that trademark.

Black Lives Matter Licensing Movement secures full trademark rights in landmark ruling

Two years on from the tragic death of George Floyd and the uproar that sparked its global movement, Black Lives Matter has been granted the full trademark rights for Black Lives Matter Licensing in a landmark ruling that signifies positive change in the licensing space. Black Lives Matter Licensing is a non-partisan, unifying arm of the Black Lives Matter Movement here in the UK and a commercial endeavour established to amplify black voices across the consumer products sector while generating revenue to benefit the black community. 

By Rob Hutchins Products of Change Writer 

Mon 09 May 2022


Tonies® partners with Black Lives Matter in new measure to step up diversity and representation

Black Lives Matter has partnered with Tonies to help with product development and creative development



Policy Statement

Black Lives Matter Movement Ltd is committed with our partners to driving out acts of modern day slavery and human trafficking within its business and that from within its supply chains, including sub-contractors, and partners.


We and our Partnering Companies acknowledges responsibility to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will ensure transparency within the organisations and with suppliers of goods and services to the organisation. These as well as our Licensees, suppliers of services that make up the supply chain associated with our Black Lives Matter Movement Ltd, and brand licensing and program.


As part of ours and Licensees company’s due diligence processes into slavery and human trafficking our supplier approval process will incorporate a review of the controls undertaken by the supplier. Imported goods from sources from outside the UK and EU are potentially more at risk for slavery/human trafficking issues. The level of management control required for these sources will be continually monitored.


The company will not support or deal with any business knowingly involved in slavery or human trafficking.  The company Directors and senior management shall take responsibility for implementing this policy statement and its objectives and shall provide adequate resources (training, etc) and investment to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place within the organisation and within its supply chain(s).


A full copy of this policy and a copy of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 will be accessible to all partners (working on our behalf), employees electronically and can be obtained from Licensees COO and HR department upon request.


This policy statement will be reviewed annually and published. This Policy considers, and supports, the policies, procedures and requirements of UK and International law. 


The implementation and operation of our management systems underlines our commitment to this policy. Formal procedures concerning slavery and human trafficking have been established, including disciplinary procedures where they are breached.


Additional procedures ensure that this policy is understood and communicated to all levels of the company, and that it is regularly reviewed by the Directors to ensure its continuing suitability and relevance to the company activities.


Black Lives Matter Movement Ltd Est.2020 ™️ 

Brand Licensing Program

APRIL 2022

Black Lives Matter expands licensee base with tonies®

Black Lives Matter has partnered with Tonies to help with product development and creative development

The Black Lives Matter licensing committee is continuing to expand its licensee base and will now work closely with kids’ portable audio speaker system tonies on its product development strategy and creative development.

“Our group has identified an area where they can help move the industry forward by being a voice on how to diversify product ranges to ensure both authenticity and inclusivity,” commented Saphia Maxamed, founder of Black Lives Matter Licensing Movement. “We are aware that not every category can carry our licence – after all, the products and partners need to make sense. However, we are extremely happy the industry is open to working through how they can best support the movement and make the changes needed to be supportive of the black community.

“Being able to give guidance to such an important partner in our industry is incredible and we’re looking forward to working together.”

All monies received from the partnership will be donated to a beneficiary which will be announced in due course.

Liz Peters, head of UK and Eire portfolio at tonies, continued: “We are really happy to be working with the BLM licensing committee. Here at tonies, we are committed to diversifying our portfolio and it is extremely important to us to make sure we are getting the look and feel of the product, as well as the content, right.

“The advice and support we have received from the team at BLM Licensing has been invaluable to us in developing our portfolio of Tonies and we are delighted that our fee will be going back into the community.”




Back in Sep 2020 Black Lives Matter.UK & Black Lives Matter Licensing launched our Merchandised Products Programme.


The programme set for all manufactures and sellers of BLM, Black Lives Matter products to produce products under License and to contribute to BLM projects via a royalty business model.


The Black Lives Matter Movement pleased to say we continue to gain momentum, traction in the licensing space, and we welcome Fashion UK as our new apparel partner.


29th Sep 2021 Press -


Black Lives Matter Movement Licensing are pleased to announce we are soon to bring the Black Lives Matter Movement label to the high street as well as online and aim to be selling in and across all major stores and cities within the UK and Europe.


The licensee, Fashion UK will be rolling out collections across daywear, nightwear and accessories at retailers across the UK and Europe.


Fashion UK is delighted to have secured the licence and look forward to engaging with retailers on the Movement’s opportunities on the high street and online arena,” commented Mikey Mattu, MD at Fashion UK.


Our Black Lives Matter Movement licensee partners joining our licensing programme, not only understands but has a true appreciation for the Black Lives Matter movement. And we and really excited to announce our partnering with Fashion UK in September 2021 and look forward to a long creative partnership, a conscious partnership that is in it for the change we all need to see!


We aim for our product to be available for all people of every walk of life, designs for everyone.

For each programme the committee launches, revenue will be invested back into bettering the lives of black people in business and the community.

Further details will be shared shortly.


ViacomCBS’ Simta Sawhney, Fashion UK’s Hannah Miles and Ravina Mehta join Saphia Maxamed as part of BLM Licensing initiative.

NEWS: The committee for Black Lives Matter Licensing is taking shape, with three key industry executives coming on board to join Saphia Maxamed who is co-leading the movement. 

Click images in gallery BELOW to read articles: 




For this video, it has been imperative to include Black Lives Matter in both Music and Fashion. MJR has collaborated in solidarity with Samira Ebrahimi, an international Fashion Designer known for her collaboration with Gary James McQueen - the nephew of the late British Fashion Icon Lee Alexander McQueen. Samira Ebrahimi Black Lives Matter London Fashion Week Collection is the key feature to the narrative of MJR story.

With the challenges of 2020 The BLM LFW collection was first aired as part of this video on Sunday 20 September 2020.

Fashion LaMour
Fashion LaMour
Beautifully written press by Fashion LaMour: Checkout the full article HERE
For this video, it has been imperative to include Black Lives Matter in both Music and Fashion. Samira Ebrahimi Black Lives Matter London Fashion Week Collection is the key feature to the narrative of MJR story with the challenges of 2020.

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10% of final sales will be donated to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Licensing funding at
Stand with Us when Words are Not Enough...Black Lives Matter



We're calling for the licensing industry to open up the conversation on racial equality and start collectively making positive changes.


Our mission is set to benefit black lives and to deter unlicensed, unethical merchants and retailers making money for commercial profits of the back of ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement without caring to give back in helping to uplift black lives what the movement is about. We want to work with businesses who declare a firm active anti-racist policy and stance with participating social actions in helping to eradicate racism.


We help guide consumers to what retailers they should support with their money when wanting to spend on ‘Black Lives Matter' and 'BLM' products, apparels, and merchandise. Consumers want to be assured and comfortable and able to make an informed choice and decision when buying goods, and where to buy. Consumers want to know that stores and merchants are actively supporting Black Lives Matter and that every transactions with Black Lives Matter related words, images or Black Live Matter Movement logo’s for sale actually gives back to help supports black communities to thrive.


Now is time for the Licensing Industry to participate and help push the civil rights movement for racial equality and social justice forward through consumer products. This is more than a moment it is a powerful movement that has and is to continue to make a difference and we want everyone to be part of change and the journey to equity.


The industry are pioneers of consumer products and, therefore, are in a great position to send messages and companies can support Black Lives Matter by placing donations for specific Black Lives Matter projects. We're talking and working with retailers in the UK and abroad to support the movement by stocking Black Lives Matter lines from licensees, the beginning of a new stream of BLM giving. 


We are revolutionary and set to be revolutionary economised. We are ready, are you?


Black Lives Matter Movement won an Ethnicity Award for ‘Media Moment’ 2020

We were honoured to accept the award and with you are collaborating for change

The Black Lives Matter Movement were publicly voted as the most important Media Moment of the year alongside 9 other diverse and important nominees  If you’d like to look at the full list, please look here: 


Many contact us with concerns about 'Black Lives Matter' 'BLM' merchandisedproducts, Concerns that these products have been commodified, meme-ified,monetised and nobody paying into Black Lives Matter cause to help black lives.Plenty of sellers are commercially profiting of the back of black trauma whenhaving very little to do with black lives, not actively standing with andsupporting the movement in fighting racism, but cashing in from the cause, thepain and discrimination suffered by black and brown people every single day.


BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK is working and collaborating to ensure to partner withcommercial businesses who wish to sell 'Black Lives Matter' 'BLM’ merchandiseand who want to give back to participate in actively work with us to wipe outracism. There's is not room for racism in a civilised world.


We've in partnership and collaboration with Black Lives Matter Licensingprogramme to benefit black business, black people, black lives, so wherever yousee our official logo Black Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter Movementlogo you can reassured the merchant, retailer, sellers have registeredunder licence to sell Black Lives Matter (BLM) products and for every productsold will secure a donation to reinvest for the good of black lives.

ant, retailer, sellers has registered under licence to sell Black Lives Matter (BLM) products and for every product sold will secure a donation to reinvest for the good of black lives.

What Is The Black Lives Matter Movement Ltd?


Black Lives Matter Movement Ltd and incorporated company formed and to build up black business in the UK and Globally.


The Black Lives Matter Movement Ltd is partnering major retailers andtheir suppliers, manufacturing companies, brands, and corporate companies withblack communities through investing in black owned businesses under brandlicensing business model.

Black Lives Matter Movement Ltd will also raisefunds directly from Black Lives Matter (BLM) Licensing programme specificallyto re-invest into black business to integrate commercially and economicallythat brings about economic empowerment to redress the inequalities ofdiscrimination, racism, societal disadvantages, and poverty.


Black Lives Matter Licensing and Black Lives Matter Movement Ltd are placingwe right in the forefront of commercial commerce and trading partnerships,partnering, social dealings and collaborating for societal change. Black LivesMatter Movement Ltd exists because black lives matter.


Merchandise, apparel, product, goods, items and services - All sold underour license will attract funds specifically collected to re-invest into back inblack communities, so when you see the label, you really know you are genuinelysupporting the right cause and black lives matter.