British Black History Month ❤️ 1st - 31st October

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In Commemoration of
The Millions of Enslaved Africans

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Between the 1400s and 1800s, 12-15 million. men, women and children were forcibly transported from Africa to Europe and the Americas

Black History is more than just one month, howbeit, as an aide-memoire for 31 days we respectfully publicly weep in honour the memory of millions of enslaved Africans; Abducted, captured, snatched from African countries, their homelands to become owned working slaves to the evil inhumane system of the white man. Forcibly taken, forced below bunks, bowels of ships to live laying down, eat and sleep on bare floors for up to 3 months at a time to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Where African taken as slave even managed to survive the middle passage (2 million Africans died as cargo, millions more died during the transatlantic slave trade) after being chained naked together, tortured, raped, contracting disease onboard and below during the period of the transatlantic slave trade were then traded as human stock and property in foreign lands, Europe, and the Americas. Black Africans were distributed in and across, Britain, United Kingdom, Europe, Americas as well shipped to many Caribbean islands where the white man claimed and colonised island, countries as ‘theirs’ adding to ‘their’ often Royal colonial empire. Africans’ slaves were chained individually as well as together to be paraded in street auctions. Many were bought in open markets as human goods, they were separated from family, some were sold as lots for a price. The ‘slaves’ were stripped of their African names, iron branded with, and given their new masters surname. They were routinely tortured, raped, and exploited throughout, forced to work on master’s land and a lifetime in servitude ensued. Africans were also farmed themselves by the system like animals. Often torn, ripped from their new established family units with shared children they were once again traded and taken, set to live elsewhere to breed more slaves to be owned by the white man for produce and the cycle of slave labour.

Today let us take this time during Black History month marked and celebrated in Britain to honour and remember the 12.5 million Black enslaved African, men, women, and children, (we also acknowledge anti-racist allies), who fought and died for the liberation of Black people and a different future, for ancestors of many Black people lived and living here in Britain to be able to live as free people from white ownership and oppression. Alas, hundreds of years later it remains a life-term and daily struggle for Black people to gain respect, independence and humanity from the white man evil and subjugated racism, racist systems, and dominance over Black bodies.

Black people, with allies continue to fight the fight against racism as our ancestors did, to defend ourselves and our right to live free of repression and disempowerment of white powered institutions, governments, states, and countries in the and western sphere.

We acknowledge, honour and respect Black people, both past and present, and we recognise the many anti-racists, everyday people and activist across the globe choosing to stand supporting the struggle from racial discrimination, joining the cause, the Black Lives Matter movement in dismantling structural racism and campaign to eradicate racism and oppression to achieve once and for all the emancipation from racial discrimination, white supremacy, and all its evils.

Liberation: the process of being set free for legal, social, and political restriction.


A safe space to gawk, gaze and see simply walk and look the other way, in silence and carry on is another’s hazardous counter gaze or maybe a call to notice in a life-threatening hostile situation and environment. You may become aware of a return of a stay, maybe even to outstare and look you in the eyes on the other hand you may notice a swift glance and look away afraid of what you may suspect or expect they could be, from what you’ve heard and hardwired to believe. A Black person’s gaze is unlike a white person’s gaze and is a gaze to remain alert! And for those who can speak out, they may SHOUT and SHOUT ALOUD so others like you may hear

Silence on racism is backward, stagnant, degenerate and sometimes whiffs of a rank and air of supremacy, in contrast silence could be of fear, feeling inferior, these complexes we don’t need and should by now be outdated and long dead and buried... And just in case you’re unaware, make no mistake your silence on racism, knowingly, is consent, when you choose not to speak out

Speaking out on racism consciously, is forwarded thinking, is fresh, active, playing your historical part in people unity, steering societies in the best direction for humanity, for racial equality, for fairness, kindness, for empathy and for all people of the world. You, adding your voice collectively with others are changing the world for the betterment of a nation, the next generation, for the world and humanity

Which side of history do you stands on or want to stand on?

Is it with the deniers, the global minority that remain set in racial supremacy and decline, ignorantly steadfast in denial whilst STILL benefitting for rancid systems that systematically raped African people, pillaged, looted African and countries, and is today the looped in the DNA of racist degenerates.


Choose to stand with the global majority, side by side with many of whom ancestors were enslaved, who share the blood and DNA that was ripped apart from each other, taken from their homelands and spread across the globe in another land. Our antecedents were taken, they suffered, and endured a life of slavery, servitude, and who were purposely forced to breed, bred, and born into slavery and forced to live a life as less then. African countries were invaded, and its people murdered BUT are not forgotten, artefacts stolen, and millions of bodies branded as property of the white man, human stock, we have forgotten.

Even today, Black people are still suffering from this handed down heritage, where racist white powered supremacist’s systems remain irresolute in breaking their evil, inhumane tradition of self-imposed status of a superior race. This same racist system STILL uses Black people labour, for less than they pay white labour, they use Black labour, sweat, blood and tears to support its national health, social services, and care systems. Black peoples labour remains the bedrock of society, helping to maintain the nation’s infrastructure and foundations of British institutions that often devalue us.

Yet still, Black people don’t want revenge for and in our ancestor’s name, for their blood, sweat, life and tears. The same blood that run through our veins, our shared DNA. We do want justice, reparation for the evil and hell…

We stand and choose humanity where ordinary souls are born, arrive at birth and able to breathe, born racially equal as each other. Each respected and equally unique and opportunity to be more than ordinary, maybe extraordinary at times during our lives. And born to a nation where we are valued and where justice prevails.

Do you too want to stand with humankind, humanity, we the people, AND ready to be integral part of the collective and global majority who are anti-racist, fighting for and in unity?

We are building a world where everyone belongs, we all can shape and build a better world.

A World Where Black Lives Matter.

Black history is our history, Black history is your history, Black history is world history. Black British history cannot be separated from white British history, nor from him, hers, them. It’s your story, it’s our story. It’s a human story. Lest we forget

The future is TOGETHER. Together in humanity where everyone belongs, where life entitles and ensures accessibility to racial equality for ordinary souls, however extraordinary a life is lived and in death we each return as we came in, as ordinary souls on exit. We value of a human not by and based on the colour of ones’ skin or by a distorted manufactured structural system that categories and separates us, called ‘race’, we valued by what one puts in while we exist, and how each one lives during the earthly time we are alive.


In the United Kingdom, Black History Month was first celebrated in October 1987, which is also the year of the 150th anniversary of Caribbean emancipation, the centenary of the birth of Marcus Garvey and the 25th anniversary of the Organisation of African Unity, an institution dedicated to advancing the progress of African states. Black History Month in the UK was organised through the leadership of Ghanaian analyst Akyaaba Addai-Sebo, who had served as a coordinator of special projects for the Greater London Council (GLC) and created a collaboration to get it underway.

In the UK, Black History Month was first celebrated in London in 1987, as part of African Jubilee Year, when on October 1 Dr Maulana Karenga from the US was invited to an event at County Hall to mark the contributions of Black people throughout history, and Addai-Sebo drew up a plan to recognise the contributions of African, Asian and Caribbean people to the economic, cultural and political life in the UK, with other boroughs beginning formally to institute October as Black History Month in the UK.

British Black History Month October 2022

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