Majority of UK modern slavery victims are children, report says

Modern slavery often conjures up visions of people brought from abroad in the backs of lorries, the fastest growing group of victims is British - the majority of them children.

Published: 7 Jul 2020


Slavery is slavery. It’s always been wrong. It’s always been a crime. It’s always denied our shared humanity. It’s always created profit for a few out of the suffering of many. It’s always been a poison, sowing injustice for generations. Slavery was wrong in the past and it’s wrong today. But it hasn’t gone away. There are more slaves today than ever before. More than 40 million men, women and children are not free. Many of today’s slaves are in Asia. They toil in factories and on fishing boats. They work on building sites and in brothels. They are often raped and beaten. They cannot leave. They suffer beyond imagination, like all slaves before them. And the world looks away. We don’t even help one percent of these people. It’s time for this to change. We must face the reality of slavery today… just like we must deal with the legacy of slavery in the past. We must help its victims today… just like we must recognise its victims in the past. Because slavery is still slavery. So, in the name of all slaves… learn what you can about this evil, and how it persists… Share what you know with your networks and communities. Call for an end to slavery everywhere. Let your voice be heard. Take a stand for justice. Take a stand for humanity. Take a stand to end slavery.. …once and for all.

Published: 7 Aug 2020

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