Black schoolgirl strip searched by police while on her period – report

A safeguarding review found that ‘racism was likely to have been an influencing factor’.

No Police in Schools Demo  - 4pm Friday 18th March Stoke Newington Police Station



Girl, 15, was strip-searched ‘because of racist attitudes’

Metropolitan Police officers based at Stoke Newington Police Station were almost certainly influenced by racism, racist attitude and perception and aldulteration of Black girls when they decided strip-searched a 15-year-old Black schoolgirl who was menstruating.

The MET has now apologised after the secondary school pupil, who was wrongly suspected of carrying cannabis, was searched without another adult present, in a breach of the rules.

@HackneyCopWatch and other groups are organising against the harms of policing in schools and elsewhere. For further reading on the issue of police in schools you can find a range of resources here: Resources | No Police In Schools

Stoke Newington Police Station Demo Friday 18th March 2022 @4pm


When will you see Black girls?


Joshua Beckford


Joshua Beckford: The Youngest Person To Be Admitted To Oxford University At Age 6


Joshua Beckford, is what is commonly known as a child prodigy and a genius.


Joshua was born in Britain of Nigerian descent and is the youngest person ever to be admitted to Oxford University at just six years old. He is the youngest person in the world to receive a distinction in Philosophy and History.


Joshua was accepted to do a master class in Philosophy and History Research Project on the Plague of 1665 at Oxford University OLP online Learning Platform when he was only six years old.


He was born in 2004, and went on to be diagnosed with high-functioning autism from an early age.


By the time he was 3 years old Joshua could read and understand phonetics and was learning both Mandarin and Japanese!


He is described as a multi-genius, has astounding talents spanning many areas and desires to become a neurosurgeon.


It’s reported Joshua has already performed operations with competence including the removal of a cataract.

Meet Shelomi Farrell

14-year-old schoolgirl who just joined a society for the smartest people in the world

Growing up in Yorkshire

Growing up in the northern city of Leeds, West Yorkshire, Shelomi Mum noticed how a very young she started to stand out from her peers when she decided to start reading the works of English litterateur Jane Eyre and memorising the old, Victorian English prose she was famous for and before she was ten, she began revising the periodic table and in her spare time, made her own dictionary.


"I think just knowing that I have the potential – because I am in Mensa now – just lets me know that I’m capable of doing a whole lot more"

Black Lives Matter



Sutton High School first to sign black hairstyles pledge

A private girls’ school has become the first in the UK to pledge to end discrimination against black hair styles.

Sutton High School in southwest London has said it will adopt the Halo Code, a framework for school uniform policy to prevent black pupils being unfairly punished.

HALO COLLECTIVE- Mission to end hair inequality for good

Hair Discrimination in Schools

Building a future without hair discrimination - Race-based hair discrimination has been illegal in the UK since the the Equalities Act became law in 2010, and yet it still happens all the time. But for too long, Black people have been told that our hair textures and hairstyles are inappropriate, unattractive, and unprofessional. Children ahve been suspended from school, held back in our careers, and made to feel inferior by racist policies and attitudes.

Together, we can join and fight for the protection and celebration of Black hair and hairstyles.

Schools across the UK have already take the pledge and signed up to the Halo Code!

  • St Dominics Catholic Primary School, London
  • South Lake Primary School, Reading
  • Cedar Mount Academy, Manchester
  • Oxford International College, Oxford
  • Silverstone UTC, Silverstone
  • Sutton High School GDST, Sutton
  • South Hampstead High School, London
  • Churchfield Primary School, London
  • Derby High School, Derby
  • Birchfields Primary School, Manchester
  • Adswood Primary School, Stockport
  • South Lake Primary School, Reading
  • Sydenham High School, London
  • Bristol Brunel Academy, Bristol
  • Beech Lodge School, Maidenhead
  • Haringey Learning Partnership, London


Bristol girls' school named in honour of slave trader Edward Colston rebrands itself Montpelier High School... 169 years after being built with his money

  • Colston's Girls' School in Bristol will become Montpelier High School after a vote
  • School was established in 1891 after death of slave trader Edward Colston
  • It was renamed after BLM protesters toppled statue of 17th Century merchant 


Universities UK calls for urgent action on racial harassment in higher education

Universities UK (UUK) has (Tuesday 24 November 2020) published a new set of recommendations designed to decisively tackle racial harassment as part of efforts to address racial inequality in UK higher education.




Kids Action Against Racism in the '70's

'Black and White are Dynamite'

In 1978 school kids in Hackney formed SKAN (School Kids against the Nazis) to oppose the National Front

Thames Televisions 'Our People' programme follows some of the organizers behind the Anti Nazi movement in the East End of London - including the 'Rock against Racism' ANL demonstration and carnival in 1978

First broadcast: 22/02/1979


A Sheffield school is listening to students and making their curriculum more inclusive and pledging to be anti-racist, after 200 pupils protested for the Black Lives Matter movement.


Equality, diversity and inclusion

​We support and promote life-changing opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds at every university.

Universities tackling harassment

Everyone has the right to a rich, fulfilling and enjoyable university experience and so the safety and wellbeing of staff and students in higher education is vital. 

UUK is working with universities to make institutions safer places to live work and study so that no student or member of staff is subject to any form of harassment, intimidation or threatening or violent behaviour. Such an abuse is at odds with our values and the standards of behaviour expected in the sector. Our work includes the development of practical guidance to support universities: 


'It isn't a tick-box': young BLM activists on Black History Month in UK schools

Young people energised by a year of protest want changes to the way black history is taught


Dartford Grammar School for Girls bans pupils from wearing Black Lives Matter facemasks after they hold protest against decision not to stage assembly on the movement 

Pupils at the grammar school have been ordered to wear plain masks after some wore Black Lives Matter ones to school.

Parents have said the rule was to 'punish' students for wearing the masks following a refusal by staff to allow students to conduct an assembly on the movement.

Blueprint Project Official

Premiered on 19 Dec 2020

The Blueprint Project - No Stoppin' Me (Official Music Video) { Dir. by DAW Media }

The Blueprint Project presents: No Stoppin' Me A collaboration between some of the young men on The Blueprint Project and some of the artists that are working with them. Inspired by Black History Month 2020 and the Black Lives Matter movement earlier in the year, this song is a powerful reflection of the inner thoughts and feelings of the young men on involved.

Meet three most black geniuses with highest IQs ever in the World: Ramarni Wilfred, Anala Beevers, Alannah George

NEW YORK-(MaraviPost)-Amazing kids! Here are three black geniuses named Ramarni Wilfred, Anala Beevers and Alannah George have the highest IQs ever in the world.

The kids are members of Mensa, which is the world’s oldest high IQ society. Read more


More than 80 leading academics specialising in the field of education and social sciences have accused the government of misrepresenting critical race theory in a controversial crackdown on teaching materials in schools.

Diversity of thought is vital in education


In a letter to the Guardian, senior figures from University College London’s Institute of Education said they were concerned about a pattern of statements and guidance from politicians “proscribing” certain resources and bodies of work from classrooms.


Education experts counter government attack on critical race theory

Race in Education

Academics speak out amid controversial crackdown on teaching materials in schools.

It follows guidance issued by the Department for Education in September that said schools should not under any circumstances use resources produced by organisations that take “extreme political stances”.

At the time, the Coalition of Anti-Racist Educators (Care) and Black Educators Alliance (BEA) warned the guidance would prevent teachers from using material from groups including Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion, limiting anti-racism teaching.

What Black Lives Matter means to Jolia Bossette an 11-year-old living in America

Eleven-year-old Jolia Bossette on being a Black kid in America. Welcome to our first-ever week of programming for kids! The killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and hundreds of other Black Americans at the hands of police officers have inspired protests across the country and around the world. The news coverage has been impossible for most of us to ignore, and it begs the question: How are kids, especially Black kids, processing this reality? How do they make sense of these deaths and the systemic factors that made them possible? In June of 2020,11-year-old Californian Jolia Bossette decided to use her fifth-grade graduation speech as an occasion to give voice to her thoughts and feelings. In her speech, she reminisced about how she was "the cutest thing," as a toddler and asked, "But when did I stop being cute and start being scary?" "Does my dad scare you? Does my mom scare you? Does my auntie scare you? Because let me tell you something: We are not scary."

Published •31 Aug 2020

Sam (above) shares a little inspiration about what kids can be when they grow up.



Listen to Thomas Roughan, age just 7 he wrote a poem he titled RUBY RED with the Black Lives Matter Movement in mind. Click here to read in text, the words of an innocent child of nhis early experience of racism in the playgroud of his old school. 

St John’s College a progressive educational establishment encourages important conversations at home, at school and across the nation, the themes and issues was relating to what was emerging from the Black Lives Matter movements all around globe. The initiative encouraged children to think of what’s going on in the world, and Thomas told us!


St John’s College wrote “Year 4 student Thomas wrote an incredibly powerful poem in response to the movement and got through to the first round.

Read his compelling piece below:”

Thomas's school St John’s College, Hampshire also published: RUBY RED 



The future of Britain could be forever different for our kids generation and the next, BUT only if we talk and have the human conversations, talk race in early years.

If we do not wish a society to remain racist and stagnant what do we do? 


We are NOT colour blind as we would like to believe and like to tell ourselves. Much to the contrary, we see colour clearly and need to recognise that children of different skin tones are received and treated different, yes it’s not fair and to turn a blind eye is an injustice to every single black children who suffers racism and is ignored because a society in denial and wants to be colour blind is most likely nation suffering from racism.

By being colour blind exactly who does it benefit?

We can tell you straight, it certain does not benefit the black child, black children the 'black race'. It may in some ways benefits the 'white race' not to have that uncomfortable conversation. But we can tell you straight, it certain does not benefit the black child, black children, black families the 'black race'. It only serves to benefits the white child, white children the 'white race' not to have that uncomfortable conversation as long as it lasts. By remaining silent it maintains the status quo of not having to discuss white privilege or talk about the suffering of black people and racism. Not having the conversation young is debilitating for black children, to not have the knowledge, a true history, just bias history that uplifts white people is damaging to black people and society in the long term, the truth of British history will be revealed, the truth come out in the end.

In reality by not talking race with children we are doing ALL children a disservice and harm and storing up dislike, resentment, segregation for the future, when all too often will see children gradually part waves into groups of those who are privileged and those who are disadvantage, this conditioning of value in society is based on the skin tone (racism) to where their status lay and is consciously fixed around the time of year 6, age of secondary school, if not before.

What we do know is the future will be written in the sand by us, the parents, adults, government and handed to our kids by parents, educator, and society.

How do you want the story written?

You choose. Children are ultimately taught and guided in early years by parents, and it starts in the home...And with all the influences in-between it also probably ends in the home too. But YOU can disrupt and dismantle racism for a better and kinder society and world, have the conversations at home.

How do we want the future to play out for our KiDS?

We've all seen our children in nursery and in reception remember those beautiful images and acts of unconditional relationships where children really see no difference in 'class' or 'race', there is any discrimination at this stage. Children make no comparison on the value of worth based on the colour of skin or how they look absolutely no racism. Everyone adores viewing those lovely pictures uploaded on social media and have the '"Aawww" factor, a good feeling and 'smiley' 'hug' 'heart' emoji expression.

So when and why does it stop, when does it go wrong?

Is it when parents no longer want black children to be equated as equals to their children, when the inner cycle of silent racism is delivered through the bodies of white children?

Think about it, it really become apparent and noticeable from around 3-4?

Is this around the age white parents feel they need to invest, to build up a superiority complex, the greater worth of white children. Parents together with the educational system, complicit educators begin to create the division in children’s head without them knowing or understanding they are being brainwashed into adopting a radical difference, beliefs using systematic means. It may be instilled blatantly, perhaps covertly to the sublime 'White child you are worth so much more, you're different having fairer skin than the black child'.

Fast forward just a few years, things start to change, we stop seeing those adoring images of black and white children at play, what's happened, radically changed? Black children 'feel' the difference, white children are 'taught' the difference.

Here's the truth, it may hurt, some of those cute little white children will grow up to be racist bigots and some will be hired in systems, institutions, into government positions where they will exert white privilege over the nation and together exclude and limit black people forever, if they have the way. White elites with influences will keep their distance, right wing MP's may bring in new bills and update equal equality, race legal acts BUT not worth the white paper, just serves as an exercise white ticking boxes; for the most part these exercise of monitoring for quality are inactive, ineffective and superficial to cover quotas and of course to cover political party lackeys back.

Examined the truth is often massage, facts and figures even hidden in the script, manipulated for acceptable results, statistics or result to suit the narrative they choose. 'Fake News'. Archived.

The sad bit and worst of all is that the majority of those children will end up as the average 'joe' public and will grow up and fall deadly silent...WHITE SILENCE. Best say nothing if they have to the only squeak we may hear is declaring "I'm not racist", by default. In fact white children evolve into white adults who unconsciously become the biggest contributors to racism in Great Britain. Silence so deafening the bigots and racist equate as a dog whistle signal accepting belief of white supremacy and will work on behalf of joe public white citizens, you know those who have 'no voice,' 'lost voice' fallen silent. And as for those lovely pictures when toddlers were all equal are all but distant memory white children will forget and black children will remember when, it routinely occurred through the years without consideration of consequences.

Unless white adults, parents stop falling silent and create a space so children can be who they really are and should be, innocent, level equals with human counterparts as you were witness to that will for the first few years continue to occur across the nation in nurseries up and down the land before too long taught and brought up with negative differences no longer deemed equal people. Children raised by 'up standing' parents who believe they are caring, but does the truth lay in they are failing of children. Pure and natural innocence, love in hearts, and natural love for other children. STOLEN.

Children are taught racism and go on to develop a mental state of feeling superior and use these daily acts of discriminations against black and brown people, the children they once played with, hugged and saw as equals, now unworthy of consideration for a position and berated as humans for unemployment...
Is this really what white parents wish to bequeath to their kids, a future and society of division, white domination, separation, protests and violence?
Surely we can give all our children a better upbringing, and be kind, be a decent human being. Provide a better world to inherit where equality, justice and peace in a given for all humans.

Children weren’t born racist, they are taught to be racist. Racism begins in the home, and will soon become facilitated by educators by stereotyping expectation...And all the way up to the 'top' ruled over by bigoted governments and nation.

White people are not the victims of systemic or systematic racism, black and brown people are.


Racism breeds and spreads like a virus, it time to utilise the most powerful and important vaccine we have to protect our children




Heartbreaking Moment When Kids Learn About White Privilege

The School That Tried to End Racism

A British school helps its students uncover and eradicate hidden racial biases. Subscribe to Channel 4 for more: Watch the FULL episode on All 4: #TheSchoolThatTriedToEndRacism #Channel4 #All4

Stephen: The Murder that Changed a Nation

Citizenship GCSE | Diversity and Identity | BBC Teach


Democracy and Justice | Citizenship GCSE | BBC Teach

Citizenship GCSE | Diversity and Identity | BBC Teach


August 17, 2021 - The High Court gave the go-ahead for a judicial review of secondary legislation made by the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, which provides that children in care in England must always live in regulated settings where they receive day-to-day care from adults – but only to the age of 15.

Article 39 children’s rights charity has brought a legal challenge and is arguing that the change to the law discriminates against children in care aged 16 and 17 who similarly need care,