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Sheku Bayoh: Family feel 'betrayed' over decision not to prosecute officers

BBC - 'The family of a Fife man who died in police custody said they felt "betrayed" after being told that no-one will be prosecuted over his death.

Sheku Bayoh never regained consciousness after being restrained by officers in a Kirkcaldy street in 2015.

The 31-year-old, who had taken the drugs MDMA and Flakka, was found to have suffered 23 separate injuries.

His family said CCTV and phone footage cast doubt on claims made by officers about events leading up to his death.

They have described the decision not to prosecute the officers as a "betrayal of justice" and are now calling for a public inquiry.

The Crown Office said the decision not to prosecute had been taken after a "thorough review" of all the available evidence.

The officers involved have always denied any wrongdoing.

Mr Bayoh's family had initially been told in October 2018 that no criminal charges would be brought over his death.

However, two months later evidence uncovered by BBC Scotland raised fresh questions about the way he had been treated by police officers before he died in their custody.

CCTV, other footage and documents obtained by the BBC previously casts doubt on some of the officers' accounts of the events that led to Mr Bayoh's death.

The Disclosure investigation included evidence that the first officers on scene escalated the situation instead of trying to defuse it, and other evidence that Mr Bayoh's actions were exaggerated in official police documents.

A review of the decision not to prosecute the officers has been carried out.'

Published BBC 11th Nov 2019: 'Sheku Bayoh: Family feel 'betrayed' over decision not to prosecute officers'

Alim Kamara - Hands Up (Justice for Sheku Bayoh)

On 03/05/2015 Sheku Bayoh a relative of Alim Kamara died in police custody. Alim has written a rap about incident, in the aim of raising awareness and justice. The rap has first been delivered in acapella form titled 'Hands Up'. Look out for the musical version 'Tell Me' coming soon.

Youtube:  10th Oct 2015


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