Cathy May is a Cardiff based artist who has kindly donated this image.

Read what Cathy May says below:


Cathy May says "I am really pleased to give you this image, which I made with love and solidarity to the Black Lives Matter movement.  I may be white, but I am not ignorant to the struggles that people of different races, religion and ethnicity go through because of bigoted people.

I am not just non-racist, I am anti-racist, and if I ever am witness to an act of racism I call it out and confront it. 

I find it inconceivable that someone should hold prejudice or discriminate against another human being because they have a different skin colour, ethnicity or religion, as that just isn't something I am capable of.  Our differences are what makes up the rich tapestry of the world and we should embrace, nurture and learn from each other, not hate. 

But regretably there are still some people that continue to fuel racism and persecution, so I am glad that organisations such as Black Lives Matter exist to tackle the problem and raise awareness.  I am all too aware that this issue does not start and end with police brutality in the US, but that it is worldwide.

My image symbolises unity, love and strength, and I hope that it can be enjoyed by others and help to spread a positive message.



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