Our aim is to provide the opportunities, a platform for all citizens to tell their story, a stories of racism, responses to racism, experiences of racism, educating others, ways of eradicating racism...

That focus is and will be on black lives, including white and brown, all lives, helping to engaged, educate and invite an active community of readers and contributors who are keen to discuss what 'black lives matter 'means to them and what we aim to do to eradicate racism from Britain and the world.

We do not want to publish the most content, but to publish the best, most helpful posts for our audience, stuff that evokes feeling and emotion to help create a shift and hopefully we will in the process become better citizens, allies and beings.

We’re looking for ordinary people to help get the recognition black people need and deserve in Britain that we may spread around the world how British people managed to eradicate racism.

If you have something you would like to contribute, get in touch. We can’t promise all will be published but we can promise your contribution, your idea will be read and considered equally and on merit.



We can't promise that all selected, conribution published BUT we can assure you all submission will be read

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