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In the face of racism and intolerance directed at any and all minorities we urge you as a collective to reject silence as not an option.

Express and demonstrate your determination to eradicate racism by stretching out your hand in unity and friendship to lift up another to your level, reject division and hate in return for our common cause and desire for peace equality and harmony.

Black Lives matter is movement advocating racial equality and justice, supports non-violent civil disobedience in civil right to protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black bodies.

Black Lives Matter is primarily a decentralised social movement, simply known as Black Lives Matter.

This is primarily a British Black Lives Matter platform, though contributor’s, contents, material, news resources contained is sourced and submitted by people with a voice from across the globe in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and cause.

We receive much correspondence for white as well as black citizen worldwide committed to fighting and seeing the eradication of racism from our lives. From Britain we also receive concerns from our white British citizens who are sometimes racist, angry, upset, and confused that the Black Lives UK Movement alienates them as white citizens and feel under threat. The movement is about righting the wrongs racial discrimination as well as social and criminal injustice. And it will take us all to make this happen, Black, White, Brown citizen, we must all to stand together and be clear there is no room for racist or racism in Britain.

We must stand together in solidarity demanding equal rights, racial equality, social and criminal justice. 

We, the British people must show we are anti-racist, we must demonstrate by action we do not stand for racism. We must express and through determination eradicate racism from Britain along with all forms of discrimination that scars and divides humanity.


White people must acknowledge racism exist and not push back in fear, blind ignorance, hate of or to retain white privileges of black disadvantage, but progressively push forward and embrace our differences as a positive that enhances our world, lives and relationships.


Many of us during 2020 would have become aware anti-black racists, anti-Muslim, islamophobia, anti-Semites, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia has risen, for many this is and has been an everyday existence, but for many through a series of events and incidents it will be a first full force shocking exposure or racism having never witnessed or been touched by such trauma, never having to experience any or all of the above forms of discrimination, some people will have been horrified and some will still be in denial that 'racism' exist, always a way out to retain white domination, benefits and hate for others that don't look like them.

Black lives matter movement has gained momentum is its fight for racial, social and criminal justice, none more so than this year 2020, particularly since the horrific George Floyd murder taking place before the worlds eyes yet still we come up against anti-black racists, anti-Muslim, islamophobia, anti-Semites, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia who’s aim is wish to derail the traction of the black lives matter movement and to incite hate and division for other groups to prevent us from becoming an harmonious and equal world, these dividers are using racial hate in the attempt that our energy will evaporate and we will all soon disappear only to settle back into line so that white domination may carry on from where it left off.

In a progressive and civilised society must not let this happen; it benefits no one but the racist minority who believe they have the right to dominate and remain in power.


Systemic racism has always caused pain, trauma and untold stress and right across the world. Racism and racial inequality continues to be highlighted, past and present with police brutality in America and the UK. The UK need to address its current unfair racial profiling and disproportionate stop and search, harsher sentencing and disproportionate incarceration of black men. USA is not alone when looking in the mirror and what’s being reflected back is far from pretty. UK needs to look at its reflection too.


Along with growing anti-black racism we are seeing a rise in anti-Jewish attacks promoted through online social media platforms, all in an attempt to raise distrust, that breed hatred and create division. 


Black people and minorities from all backgrounds and faiths have struggled and long suffered in days gone by and today in modern times.  From transatlantic slave trade to the Holocaust and beyond, we are hurting, we are in pain, a painful history, as a human race they are our shared collective memories.


We, the British people come in all shades as we shapes, and we claim our rights to be British, born or nationalised, first, second, third generation or indigenous. Britain and what it is to be British has evolved, developed from what was once upon a time, when an all but white populated kingdom, black people and other minorities have since built up Britain are we need to recognise this by coming together, uniting to amplify our voices that we echo as one spreading across the nation, to speak out and stand together in solidarity. Silence is not an option. White silence is no longer an option; we need to speak out if we want to eradicate racism from our shores. Those who are discriminated, who are the minorities cannot do it alone, black and brown, Jewish people cannot do it alone without the solidarity and power of the majority to stand right alongside to shout out against racism and discriminations.


Black lives matter is a global movement and it’s here in Britain to lift up black lives and irrespective of race, religion, sexuality and gender we stand in solidarity against all forms of discrimination. We are all connected; we are of one race one, the human race. 


Through YOU, your community, education, empathy, humanity we must stand in unity in society, we must stand together, and WE CAN wipe out racism so we can all enjoy the life we have on earth and for our children and future generations, so let leave a legacy they can be proud of.


Let’s do this, let's do this this together, lets do this as a collective!



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