Black Lives Matter GF Memorial Virtual Event 2021

Starts 25 May 2021 

Black Lives Matter GF Anniversary Memorial Virtual Event now LIVE!

Bookings - Event Ends: Sunday, July 11th 2021

Where interest and demand calls we will consider extending event to help raise enough funds for Better Police and Black Community Relationships initially in London, with view to extend to other cities in UK

You can enter more than once and gift the medals as a lasting memory and legacy, a hard reminder for generations to come of the change in civil societal relationships between the police and Black community, the change we all need to see. NO man should ever die the way George Floyd died by a serving police officer or otherwise. Let's ensure George Perry Floyd Jr didn't die in vain. Let's make change in the name of George Floyd, because George Floyd mattered. Black lives matter.

This fee below gives you access to the Virtual Event AND Guarantees an Exclusive GF Anniversary 3D Embossed Memorial Medal 2021 on Completion.

This virtual event and can be carried out any place, anywhere! You can choose to do it alone in meditation and thought and or with company, the choice is all yours!

The medal is designed as a fantastic legacy and collector's 3D embossed medal with a black (plain) ribbon.

Please note medal and shirt may have slight variations in likeness to images displayed on websites.

Entrance Fee


Option to purchase BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK Exclusive Matching Black GF Memorial Sports Tech T-Shirt, click image to go to booking page to look out for and purchase T-Shirt, where available.



Once completed event, please email proof of participation to address on receipt. 3D Embossed Medal will be sent out in within 60 days and act as a lasting memory and legacy of a lifetime.


Photo images submitted is deemed permission to publish on website and marketing material, UNLESS you advised otherwise at
time of submission.


Email copy of sponsorship form when completed to You can also pay monies collected online by clicking here


This is an amazing opportunity to ask friends, family colleagues to sponsor you in this event - all sponsored monies collected can be paid online via the donate link and button top of page, alternatively by BACS directly into bank account see sponsorship form for details


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Make sure Black Lives Matter in your community

We ask that you spread the news and create awareness of this event by doing so you’re not only helping to raise funds to support better relationships with the police and the Black community.

See options:

3/5k walk
5/10k run
15k - any distance cycle


  • Walk, jog, run, cycle in memory of George Floyd and to help eradicate racism


  • 100% of sponsorships funds raised, minus admin service charges will go towards creating a better relationship with the police service and the Black community, to work with the police to understand how they may alter their preconceived views and interactions when they see a Black citizen, how they actually discriminate and negatively interact with black men, black boys, the Black and Brown community in the UK, viewing innocent people as suspect purely on skin colour - working together for changed can come about, we have to make and demand a just service that serves all citizens equally.


  • Working  and challenging systems with embedded behaviours to help change negative culture within established institutions to better society, social and community relationships, in this instance with the Police and the Black community, doing so will also change the way citizens respond to the police, changing people lives for the better too.


Subject to sufficient fundraising we aim to work with existing Black led community organisations, projects to support further development of programs, reading materials, event for the Black community and police service to work in a more cohesive service and relationship, co-operative and civil manner that transcends racism, to invite all 32,000 police officers in London to be part of the change society and citizens needs to be held accountable and to work and serve in a just and fair way, to create mutual impact and to look to expand to every territorial city police force in the UK. To ensure Black, Brown lives matter equally to White and any other lives.

Join in the event in memory of George Floyd, help created the change we need to see...

Participants can print sponsors form for collecting sponsorship money and record: Click to view & print Sponsorship Form - Record of sponsors and monies collected





George Perry Floyd Jr

25 May 2021 is the 1st anniversary of George Floyds murder and again serves as a reminder bringing into sharp focus the cruel pandemic of racism that still exist across the world and the impact of the global black lives matter movement has in fighting for racial equality and social justice in every town, every city and every street, the fight must continue...


Black Lives Matter UK is a humanitarian and civil rights movement not to dissimilar from past anti-racism and anti-slavery movements. Civil Rights movements have been fighting for justice for hundreds of years without the attention, urgency or will of governments to dismantle racism from societies and to ever resolve and share the power. Now, we the citizens in solidarity of the modern and connective world, nations duly take responsibility and take on the task to dismantle and eradicate racism in spite of the state refusals to accept systemic, systematic and institutional racism even exists.

25 May 2020 - 9 minutes, 29 seconds

9 minutes, 29 seconds is how long it took the world to take stock and for the White world to have an insight of what Black people have longed experienced and STILL endure to this day, yet still even after Chauvin trial justice can never truly be served for the heinous murder and modern day lynching of George Floyd, a killing in broad daylight by a serving police US officer. This has to change and we must fight to prevent this ever happening again!


George Floyd’s murder was something most of us have never visually seen before, though police brutality it’s not uncommon for Black men to experience and even die from when in police custody. Witnessing and viewing a murder was scary, every minute, second and sound of George Floyd murder is still and will remain haunting and without doubt a death due to racism, the colour of a humans skin, the lack of care of a White police officer to value a Black man life. Black men and boys suffer and are discriminated by police officer and we all need to confront the issue to be able to resolve the issue, to confront the horror and reality that is racism and what it can be, what it is to be a Black man, Black boy in today’s world just walking along the street -History tells and records in past year death in police custody, danger for Black men and Black boys when coming into contact with police officers. Many White people in particular imagined this to be a thing of the past, and not a real problem in modern times for Black people to endure and experience in the UK. It took visual and actual murder in broad day light of a Black man, George Floyd for the world to STOP look and stare, to take stock. And that day, 9 minutes, 29 seconds can never be erase it from our mind who saw, the way George Floyd died is never far away in memory to recall, bring about in thoughts, we cannot ever say we didn’t see, the murder, a modern day lynching of George Floyd.


George Floyd could have been, and in fact has been Black many a Black Man who’s died in police custody the difference is the entire world got a front row seat to view a murder minute by minute, second by second, we saw a Black man's life ebb away, snuffed out in a callous way under the knee of a heartless White police officer – Black me, husbands, uncles, cousins, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends, neighbours, work colleagues has been taken in not to dissimilar methods and not just in the US, it happens and has happened right here in the UK.


We can all recall the imagery of George Floyds last minutes and moment of life on this earth, we recall him calling for his Mother, a call and sound of a voice still echoing in our ears those immortal words “I can’t breathe”, "Mama I can't breathe" "Mama I can't breathe" “Mama, help me, please”, “I can't breathe" …. I can’t breathe said 27 times over... etched into the history of our mind, forever, mental flashbacks hardwired causing trauma for many, including children who too witnessed the murder of George Floyd and understand why he was killed. Racism.


How can any of us breathe easy with such injustices that still exist, how can we breathe easy when not a single death of black men in custody in the UK, and there's been many deaths in custody has ever warranted an arrest of any serving police officers for murder surrounding of deaths of black men. To date NOT a single police officer has been charge with the murder of a black man.


While our governments, institutions and public services chose to deny the seriousness in the level of racism, fails to earnestly tackle systemic, systematic and intuitional racism no one can breathe easy. Where there is no justice for Black and Brown people there can never be peace. 

Break silence and make it count - Black Boys Matter, Black Men Matter, Black Lives Matter. George Floyd Mattered. RIEP.

We all have a role and an part to play to dismantle racism, to be anti-racist and to be the change we want to see - every day we need to work harder than the day before for a fairer, equitable society, for equality and justice, and we need to do this until racism is dead and gone.