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You can see what we are doing online, you can view our content but what are working on offline?

Well, we are inundated with emails, requests, contributions, ideas, concerns and wanting partnerships and whole lot more besides, we are working really hard behind the scenes every single day!

Why don’t we publish a telephone contact number?

We don’t publish a telephone number not only because we’ve fast become the platform to go to for black lives matter in the UK and inundated with calls, email, interest that are almost insurmountable to deal with and overwhelming since the George Floyd’s murder and social awareness BUT because having a contact number published would allow bigots and racists to plague us as they are doing via email throughout the night and day. This tells us there's still much to do to eradicate racism from our society.


To create a fairer society we must create change, we must stand united against racism and in solidarity with the people of the nation who are anti-racist, and this includes people of all colours, ethnicities, races and nationalities to ensure equity and parity is for all citizens. Racial equality and equity should not be scaled and based on a humans skin colour.

Breaking silence is a our focus, don't be colour blind we want and need to talk race!

Subject to funding we will:

  • Provide platforms for anti-racist dialogue of all colours, ethnicities and nationalities 
  • Provide a facility for dialogue and empathy to start the healing process
  • Provide settings for confidential conversations and for the traumatised who need to talk in private 
  • Signposting - to relevant services, authorities beyond our boundaries and power to act 
  • Partnering with educational establishments, develop and distribute educational resources
  • Provide speakers, where available for progressive schools/colleges who want to talk race
  • Work to provide better support for students, parents effected and affected by racism in education
  • Work to develop and support healing spaces within communities
  • Partner with businesses for job opportunities, career guidance, developing young careers
  • Support businesses, employers, employees to better understand insidious racism in the workplace
  • Support community organisations to train police on institutional racism and to create new strategies to build better relations between the youth, black communities and the police service, to build trust, that policing is by consent and not by racial profiling, unnecessary force and or police brutality
  • To work and partnering with existing anti-racist organisations, groups to build upon a wider awareness and movement to bring about racial equality and social justice in the UK
  • To work with you to eradicate racism from Britain, UK, the World

  • Work to connect and provide a platform and opportunities for the young voice
  • Work to connect and provide creative outlets for the young voice
  • Source and provide opportunities of social, leisure events, experiences that is not usually aimed or promoted towards black children and or young people and or usually denied
  • Educate young people on democracy, politics in general and eligibility to vote in elections
  • Encourage Black citizens to register and use a democratic vote claiming the right to vote 
  • Support organisation, groups, individuals with materials, resources to fight against racism with the right to peaceful, non-violent protest
  • To be an inclusive, where everyone is welcome to take part in striping racism from Britain, UK and the rest of the world


This list is not exhaustive; however all is subject to sufficient funding to be able achieve success and the support we can provide – we are currently working on non-governmental funding streams to maintain autonomy and the right to self-govern and find solutions to make a real and tangible difference and progress will be made during the course of time.

We are thinking and working outside of the box – No longer can we can wait to fit in the circle and for political will where there is none!

No more centuries should pass accepting racism, no more generations of black children should have to grow up into adulthood being used and abused suffering a life term treatment classed as 2nd class British or world citizens, no more should governments be allowed to go against and not implement their own equality and race relation act written in law. Enough is enough.

Disclaimer: We are NEITHER associated or affiliated with @ukblm, recently registered (Sep 2020) with FCA under the name 'Black Liberation Movement UK' nor are will affiliated to BLM USA and or any other political group, party here in the UK or abroad.

We stand together in solidarity with all citizens in demanding equal human rights, racial equality, social and criminal justice for all people equally. We are operating as a non-partisan, non-political, non-violence, unifying arm of the Black Lives Matter Movement in Britain, United Kingdom. Not a member of nor connected with any political party.

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We believe in a world where every person belongs

We reject racism that stands in the way.




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