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Get involved and support us to help wipe out and eradicate racism.

We want to strengthen social and racial relationships in Britain and the wider world by improving the way we interact and embrace difference in a good way rather than seeing skin in shades scaled on value. You can help lead the way by joining a collective force, a strong group of supporters, doers and helpers to directly support the development of black lives and work to systematically remove barriers that has previously denied inclusivity and to open up access and opportunities.


How you can help


Financial Support

BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK is only able to impact the lives of black people in the face of racism with your financial support. Whether it’s through sponsoring a nominated group, services, organisation we believe in or through a direct donation to maintain our ability to support others, your support is the difference that will make a difference. We have a range of financial opportunities through which you can support our work and help young people from disadvantaged and minority communities.


Inkind Support

Do you have a skill that would be useful to BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK?

Such as graphic design, photography, videography or support with delivering training, speaker, spokesperson, able to design and produce useful material about racism, and would like to support the work we do? Get in touch to discuss how you can get involved.



BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK wants to be able to positively impact and uplift as many black lives as possible, and so that as many young black people receive equal opportunities as possible enabling them to become active participating member of society and to have a fulfilled life. If you can introduce more people to BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK and or to partners, associates in work that would be great. Maybe a young person could apply to be one of our apprentices or internships, maybe a corporate company you know may be able to support the work we do and want to get on board and want to be involved with black lives matter.

Our core beliefs

  • We work as a non-partisan, non-political platform, however believe in the principle of a democracy and is a practice that can work to effect the change society wants and needs, however we need to create an environment and  society where black people feel included enough as a value part of society and that their right to vote actually counts
  • Young people have great potential if given the opportunity to shape the present and that will define the future
  • Change can only exists when all the theory, all the talk and commissioned reports translate into practical and physical action.


Our values

EQUALITY: We must have the courage to stand up and speak, have the humility to sit down and listen and to do what is right, and not to walk away in to the dark of the light.

RACIAL JUSTICE: Is when non-white people receive fair treatment, equitable opportunities and outcomes. Where systemic and systematic racism no longer exist based on the colour of the human skin.

BREAK SILENCE: We must all have the courage to stand up and speak out against racism, be able to sit down and listen and be strong when it’s not easy and uncomfortable. Do our best to understand what if may be like to stand in someone else’s shoes, believe their heartfelt truth, feel their pain as if it was yours to bear and carry, see through the eyes of the people in front of you telling their story, and know racism is real.


COLLABORATION: To be committed to work together, acknowledge what you already know – that black people are treated differently from white people and if you don’t know put in the work to educate yourself then recognise black people cannot do it alone it takes a whole society to change its unfair, unjust, discriminatory, systemic and systematic culture of racism and it starts and can end with you.

Disclaimer: We are NEITHER associated or affiliated with a gofundme account created and manage by @ukblm or any business, which is @ukblm recently registered as Black Liberation Movement UK Limited. FCA (Reg No. 8473) UK Registered Community Benefit Society. 

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